Lookout Mountain, Georgia

The farmhouse was extensively remodeled to bring out more charm and enhance the flexibility of the space. Entire house remodel, withholding a lot of images!

dining kitchen nook_web.jpg
indian summer 2_web.jpg

TerraMae Appalachain Bistro, Chattanooga TN

TerraMae holds a special place for me - it was my first restaurant design. Six weeks, a near complete destruction and remodel. We had a tight budget, so the dining chairs and other pieces trickled in after the soft opening on 12-12-12.


Home is designed well when it is designed to be lived in, and what is better that good food and great company? I love to set a table for my guests, and while I'm no party planner (though I do know some!) I love to design a table as much as I do a home.