What do we tell you, so you know who we are and why we have this little interior design business? We can give you all the dry credentials in interior design and architecture and all the big fancy projects we have done, but that's dry. So instead:

Cris: To Cris, home is everything. If home isn't right, then nothing seems right. It's how the house functions, not just how it looks. If the kitchen looks pretty but the layout makes it a constant source of frustration, then home isn't right.

'Home' to Cris offers the ability to dash outside in the middle of cooking to pick a few fragrant herbs.  It's where she loves to entertain family and friends with a big table set for dinner. Cris loves a good conversation as much as a good book and glass of wine.

Design is something she do, compulsively. Cris is always redecorating or planning a new layout in her head. She can't help it, she can't stop it, so she might as well help others dream up their dream homes.

Dave: Dave builds. His mind dreams and his hands create.

After teaching Special Ed for several years, Dave went into working for himself offering custom remodeling services: unusual tile installs, concrete countertops with rivers of epoxy, hidden storage spaces.

While working on the Dancing Bear Lodge in 2015, he met Wade Richardson, and a love for making art and furniture was born.

He enjoys cooking, and a glass of wine or a cocktail after work. He can't get a seed in his hands without sticking it in the ground to see if it will grow: Feijoa, Dragonfruit, Kiwi, and Avocado are just a few things we have growing in our kitchen right now (and no, Chattanooga is not Zone 9).